Hire PPC Expert: Top 8 Strategies to Manage PPC during COVID-19 Outbreak

Hire PPC Expert: Top 8 Strategies to Manage PPC during COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 volatility has affected nearly every business vertical, including digital marketing. If you’re confused about ways to manage PPC campaigns in these uncertain times, this article is just for you. With creativity and resourcefulness, PPC management services providers are making adjustments to PPC campaign strategies and helping clients tide over the crisis to maximize ROI from ad spend. 

Keep in Mind Trending Value Propositions

Terms like essential services, family intimacy, homeschooling, online streaming, social distancing, telemedicine, work-from-home and virtual communications are dominating conversations. PPC management services providers are shifting ad messaging to suit these themes to make products and services more relevant within the current scenario. For your business, you may review if your product/services can be temporarily tied to these in-demand value propositions. 

Check if Messaging is Relevant

To better manage PPC campaigns, review current campaigns and determine if ad messaging continues to be relevant. If there are any change to hours of operation or departures from traditional services, make appropriate changes in PPC ad copy, ad extensions and ad landing pages. This will make your ads more relevant to search queries. For example, don’t use “visit us in-store” for the ad – use “virtual consultation” instead. 

Adjust Communication across Touch Points

You may also consider adding attractive information like free or fast shipping, curbside pick-up services etc. In these times of social distancing, people are more interested in online shopping than ever before and are searching for contactless purchases. PPC management services providers research search trends and are adjusting communication in ad copy, ad extensions and landing pages accordingly. 

Research Search Query Trends

The COVID-19 outbreak has likely created shifts in the search queries being employed by consumers. Search queries trigger PPC ads, so you need to review your keyword strategy. You may review existing search terms and content being used in your PPC campaigns.  You can make ads more relevant to search terms by including COVID-19 keywords and content. For the latest information on search behavior, you can use a great resource like Google Trends: Coronavirus Search Trends. 

Tap into Social Media Marketing 

Thanks to being stuck at home, audiences are using social media platforms more than ever before for consuming content and communicating with others. This presents an attractive opportunity for advertisers to consider different options such as Pinterest, in-video ad placements on YouTube and display ads on the Google Display Network to reach more people. Digital marketing experts at a reliable PPC management company can develop campaigns for a wide variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc.

Review and Make Changes to PPC Ad Budgets

Now is the right time for advertisers to review PPC campaign budgets and make strategic changes. A good strategy is to shift budgets to PPC campaigns that advertise products/services with more relevance in COVID-19 times. You may consider expanding budgets for best-performing campaigns to maximize ROI. If you are curtailing ad spend, a PPC management company can help you manage campaigns on a smaller budget. You may also consider automated bidding features such as Smart Bidding on Google to automatically adjust CPC bids in real time based on audience behavior and your campaign goals. 

Strategize to Build Your Brand

The COVID-19 outbreak presents an opportunity for businesses to create or retain their brand presence. By presenting messaging that presents your company’s acknowledgement of and response to the virus, you’ll be able to have a positive impact on consumers, especially at the upper stages of the sales funnel. Advertisers may consider presenting sensitive content in text ads as well as display ads to emotionally connect with audiences. Advertisers must also consider following a softer sales approach as an aggressive sales pitch may turn audiences away. 

Be Agile with PPC Campaigns

Last but not the least, it’s important for advertisers to remember that the COVID-19 outbreak is a temporary disruptor – various restrictions will be lifted sooner or later. Consumers who are cooping up at home will want to go outside and re-engage with brands as they did in pre-COVID 19 times. It’s best to be agile with PPC campaigns – don’t do anything that will make it difficult for you to come back later. Constantly review ongoing developments and keep an eye out for the future.   

For best strategies to manage PPC campaigns, partner a reputed and experienced PPC management services provider!