Rapid Virtual Staffing Setup During Corona Lockdown

Rapid Virtual Staffing Setup During Corona Lockdown

The growing concerns over the Corona virus has changed the way people work. Virtual and remote-based work has almost become the norm as most people are forced into quarantine. In this scenario, having access to virtual staff can be a boon to your business, without causing disruptions in your work.

Why is remote or virtual working more convenient?

The virus shutdown and quarantine is a difficult time for most businesses to remain operational. In this situation, remote working is the most convenient and viable solution. Remote work helps companies to reduce costs related to overhead fees and rental costs. Having virtual staffing can
help not only reduce costs, but also get access to top quality resources who can deliver and even exceed your expectations.

Helping through the transition

The quarantine period can be a time of transition, where there is a lot of uncertainty. During this time, a virtual assistant can really help with transitioning your employees to a different remote or home-based environment. A virtual staffing agency can help draft out documents such as a broad outline of overall expectations, logistical issues around the virtual work space, as well as general guidelines to be followed. Any questions that employees may have can be easily answered by such an agency.
In certain instances, you might need to purchase specialized products to facilitate working from home, or equipment for a home office or new software. In all these instances, virtual staff can help with pricing details, with research, as well as installation and setup. Even access to shipping or printing services can be easily facilitated with the virtual assistant, especially since now you will not have access to a functioning office environment.

Handling customer service issues and queries

It is critical for your business that the lines of communication remain open between your company and your customers. In this period of the shutdown and quarantine, virtual staffing can help utilize various online platforms to continue excellent customer service with your customer base. There are several online chat and project management platforms that allow you to set up your corporate account as well as instruct your team members, so that the process is as seamless as possible. In case there are any employee or customer questions, your virtual staffing agency can help with answering these questions and be the interface between you and your customers. They can relay important announcements, updates about your company to your customers, conduct surveys on behalf of your customers and send auto response emailers as well.

Doing due diligence and research

Even though the initial quarantine phase is lesser, speculations are rife that the tenure may extend well beyond a month. In case of a longer quarantine or remote working, many businesses are concerned that their revenues may be impacted or that their productivity may suffer during this time. However, you can leverage the help of virtual staff to do research on traffic and website data, analysis of this data as well as collection and storage, and market research. Such staff can also help you do surveys, which will provide you an accurate picture of market demands and what your business can capitalize on. This will ensure that your business continues to run smoothly despite this lockdown. The other benefit of virtual staffing is that they can help collect data that will save you precious time from doing these same tasks. In certain situations that warrant a new hosting platform for your website or new software, your virtual assistant can help prepare a list of vendors, depending on your unique requirements and budget. They will even do comparisons to help you find the best deal possible!

In this day of uncertainty and remote working, you can certainly bring in a healthy dose ofcertainty and more productivity to your business by hiring a virtual staffing agency to meet yourneeds.