How to Advance SEO With the Use of Data Science?

The only way to keep SEO services relevant, is to evolve. For the future of online search, consistent research and testing is essential. SEO is both a science and an art that can create a memorable brand image or website if done right.  Apart from experimentation, excellent content and top notch solutions, data science is key to achieving a higher ranking. 

What has Data Science Got to Do With SEO?

Data science is a combination of tools, analytics, machine learning principles and raw data that is used to predict upcoming customer behavior and trends as well as the performance of existing websites. Valuable insights drawn using algorithms and analytics can help companies or brands make strategic calls or identify opportunities that will benefit them. For example, the effectiveness of a marketing campaign can be easily gauged as data science can handle large volumes of data. Data sciences are especially used in the case of outsourcing SEO services. It ensures that marketing campaigns are compatible with the needs of the customer or audience. It visually predicts which variable when combined has the potential to create a big impact. The data collected is also analyzed to understand customer preferences, tastes, and dislikes. It is effective in identifying a referral source in order to convert traffic and can also verify the time it takes to load a page, the bounce rate, the number of response errors as well as redirects and spotting of unusual traffic. With data science, you can verify which URLs are most or least crawled, apart from identifying pages that are not supposed to be accessed. 

The Ecosystem of Data Science

Now that we know what data science is all about, how can we apply it to SEO campaigns? Well, the first thing to understand is that SEO is complex and therefore requires a multifaceted integration of tools and data. Using top notch tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs and SEMrush, you can gather the right data and track important metrics so that the quality of your data insight is the best. SEO services integrate with CX management, CRO, content marketing and sales. This complexity requires the use of different business practices, tools, and methods to accurately render insights and predictions. Therefore, with data science you can now drive the KPI scores of your business by using the data strategically. SEO only becomes stronger if it is backed up with other marketing initiatives. A partnership between customer support, UX designers, developers and sales helps to enhance the ranking factors. Data science tracks these independent and dependent variables to determine the best practices for each team to achieve a goal. By understanding the relationship between each variable, it is able to identify which ones improve and enhance your business. The data analyzed is captured from leading conversion paths, all conversions and assisted conversions, the customers’ journey with you, marketing activities and the effects of various campaigns.

Visualizing and Testing With Data Science

Unlike spreadsheets, data science is more visual and is, therefore, easy to understand especially when you outsource SEO services. The hierarchical visualizations help you decipher contrast and comparisons, process large volumes of data, reveal not so obvious questions, accelerate the discovery of new knowledge, and point out common trends and patterns. During a SEO technical audit you will gain new insights about your page ranking, page authority, number of links per page, the most and least performing pages and other related variables. With all this information you can identify areas that require improvement and adopt the best proactive practices to correct the situation. With data sciences you can now provide better insights to customers. Data science also takes the help of A/B testing, a powerful product development tool. Considered as the most accurate tool to predict ROI and effect size, businesses can actually increase their conversions, subscriptions and sales based on the A/B testing results. 

SEO services combined with data sciences eliminates unpredictability and guesswork. You can now gather fresh, relevant, accurate and useful information to help you to understand how a specific action works and which one will bring you the desired outcome. With data science you can strengthen the SEO process in order to quantify your business success.