Top 6 Tips for Hiring a PHP Developer

Top 6 Tips for Hiring a PHP Developer

PHP has emerged as a popular server-side, open source scripting language for web designing and web development. Thousands of sites are being powered by PHP and businesses are scrambling to hire PHP developers to develop dynamic web applications with enhanced functionalities. However, hiring a competent PHP programmer in a cost-effective manner is proving to be a headache. Here are some tips to help you explore various options. 

In-House or Outsourced PHP Develop Services?

It doesn’t make sense for companies to hire full-time, on-site PHP developers for temporary projects. Not only will this clutter already limited office space but it will also add to expenses such as payment for overtime, medical insurance and cover for holidays. There’s another attractive solution – moving to the cloud. The services of a PHP programmer are being offered in the virtual environment by PHP development companies and freelancers. Companies can leverage this solution to save huge costs and hire qualified PHP programmers on a temporary basis. 

Are Freelancers A Good Choice? 

Finding a professional and experienced freelance PHP developer over the internet can be frustrating. First of all, there are thousands of applicants to choose from on websites like Freelancer and Upwork. Moreover, many of the job seekers on these types of sites are low-skilled contractors who simply copy-paste applications to dozens of clients. If a PHP developer doesn’t have the time and effort to showcase his/her own skills, what is the guarantee that he/she will work with passion on your project? Finding a good freelancer PHP developer on the web is not impossible but it will take painstaking research and vetting.

Should You Partner With an Outsourcing Company?

An alternative is to partner an outsourcing PHP development company that offers the services of trained and experienced PHP developers. PHP development companies have professionals who are well-versed in different types of PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Laravel to name a few. They can easily provide a PHP developer who meets your project requirements. India is one of the best places to look for a PHP development company. The country has a large talent pool of IT professionals as well as good IT infrastructure to provide uninterrupted services.

Maintain Clear Communication throughout Project

Outsourcing PHP development companies in India offer competitive pricing and their rates are among the best in the world. If you decide to hire a PHP programmer in India, make sure to clearly communicate your project requirements as well as expected design and development outcomes. This will help avoid any confusion and provide the outsourced PHP development team with precise objectives and guidelines to work with. It’s also a good idea to maintain regular communication throughout the duration of the project to avoid further confusion or conflict. 

Look into Pricing Options

Whether you decide to work with a freelance PHP programmer or a PHP development company, it’s important to discuss pricing methodology at the outset. Fixed price option and hourly prices option are the two most popular solutions. In the fixed price option, a fixed amount is determined for the entire project. In the hourly prices option, PHP developers are paid according to the number of hours they spend on your project. It may not be a good idea to settle for the cheapest service provider as you may get low-quality services. Instead, look for a service provider offering quality solutions at a reasonable price. 

Explore Portfolio, Ratings and Reviews

For peace of mind, research the PHP developing company or freelancer you are considering. It’s easy enough to check online for client reviews and ratings. Client reviews and ratings are a good indicator of customer satisfaction levels. Obviously, you do not want to work with a PHP programmer or PHP company that did not meet customer expectations. You may also request the outsourcing company or freelancer to show their previous work – the websites they have designed or developed. Analyze the websites to get a sense of the type and style of work that can be done. See if the style matches your requirements and then you may decide to take it further or not. 

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