Some Interesting Facts About WordPress Development

Some Interesting Facts About WordPress Development

WordPress is perhaps the most used content management system in the world today. It started off as one of the best blogging platforms but has now evolved to support other web content types including mailing lists, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems and online stores. Building a website with SQL and PHP using WordPress is simple and easy to customize while being free to use. WordPress developers spend a lot of time and effort in the background to keep it up-to-date in all aspects. In order to function, WordPress needs to be installed on a web server or a computer running the software package to serve as a network host. It is worth your while to understand some of the interesting facts about WordPress.

Millions of End Users of WordPress

WordPress is open source, allowing even those with a zero budget to install WordPress without making a single payment. WordPress employs a web template system using a template processor. Over 60 million websites have been created using WordPress development services. Many renowned companies such as Forbes and CNN use WordPress to manage their online business. Globally, WordPress is the most widely used content management system. Over 17 blogs are posted per second on WordPress. On a daily basis, over 30 million website visitors search for terms related to WordPress on Google. Over 39% of websites all over the world are powered by WordPress. 

WordPress Supports Many Different Languages 

Although English is perhaps the most widely used language as a standard of communicating online, it hardly matters these days. WordPress supports a translation feature in about 73 different languages, some of which are German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, Croatian, Norwegian and Swedish. This way, you can use WordPress to target people from around the globe. WordPress developers can customize websites so that you can refresh your website to have a wider audience. 

Easy & Efficient Customization

Adding plugins to your WordPress website is very simple and will improve the overall efficiency of your website. Just like adding grease to a squeaky hinge improves its performance, so will adding plugins enhance your website. Plugins can beautify your website and enhance its presence and functionality. WordPress has over 58,000 plugins to choose from, each of which offering custom features enabling users to tailor their sites to match their specific requirements. WordPress developers who engage in developing plugins should be well versed with WordPress’ hook systems. Apart from plugins, developers can install and switch between different themes. Themes allow users to modify the appearance and functionality of a website without having to change the code or content. There are free themes which are available in the WordPress theme directory and there are premium themes available for purchase on the marketplace and from individual WordPress developers. 

Other Features

Phone applications are available for WordPress on WebOS, Android, IOS, Windows Phones and BlackBerry. They have the option of adding new blog posts and pages, commenting, moderating comments, replying to comments and the ability to view stats. WordPress features another interesting function which is integrated link management. This is a search engine friendly, clean permalink structure with the ability to assign multiple categories to web posts and to tag posts. This includes automatic filters to provide standardized formatting and styling of text in posts. WordPress also supports Trackback and Pingback standards to display links to other sites that have linked themselves to a post or article. Using the visual editor or a couple of plugins, WordPress posts can also be edited in HTML to give you customized editing features. WordPress development continues to take place with updates being released two to three times a year. 

Main WordPress releases are codenamed after eminent jazz musicians starting from version 1.0. WordPress has a five star privacy rating from Electric Frontier Foundation. It is also the winner of Open Source CMS Awards’ ‘Overall Best Open Source CMS’ in 2009. By October 2009, it was reported by CMS Market Share Report that WordPress had the greatest brand strength of any open source content management system. is the primary support website for WordPress. Due to the range of functions and customizations available, WordPress can be used to create simple startup websites, eCommmerce websites, newspaper websites and magazine blogs among others.