Outsource Data Entry Services: Best Kept Secrets!

Outsource Data Entry Services: Best Kept Secrets!


Data entry is a specialised service crucial to  businesses. It is also one of the more labour-intensive monotonous and undervalued tasks. The fact is precise and accurate data entry is more critical than most people assume. Inaccurate data entry could lead to wrong business decisions and potential losses. However, hiring full-time data entry professionals often proves expensive for small businesses and start-ups, while larger companies may have so much data entry work that their employees struggle to manage. A viable solution for businesses would be to outsource data entry services.

Why have outsourced data entry services become so popular?

Outsourcing data entry services allows businesses to focus on their core business functions, while the crucial task of data entry is taken care of, albeit at a lower cost. Outsourced data entry services fall under two categories—onshore and offshore.

Outsourced onshore data entry service means that the hired data entry professionals reside within the business’s own country. These services may be on-site or remote. This may be more expensive than offshore outsourcing.

The rise of the internet, technological advancements, and globalisation have made it easier than ever for businesses to get work done from anywhere around the globe. With offshore data entry services, the data entry services have been outsourced to foreign markets.  Offshore data entry services have become immensely popular because it saves businesses a lot of money, while they get top-quality work done. 

9 best-kept secrets about outsource data entry services


1. Cost savings and efficiency

Outsourcing data entry services reduces business expenses significantly for three major reasons

The business saves on resources as it does not need to go through the hiring and training process for full-time, in-house employees for data entry work.

Infrastructure costs are further saved as the business does not have to spend on specific data entry software and tools.

Operational costs are saved as the business does not have to pay full-time wages and the accompanying benefits for a full-time employee.

Moreover, when businesses make use of offshore data entry services, they save more as the services are available at lower price points compared to onshore data entry services. Businesses can save up to 60% in costs, just by outsourcing their data entry work.


2. Top quality work

Businesses expect high work quality when they outsource their jobs and that is what they get. Outsourced professionals and businesses have to ensure they provide top-quality work if they have to stay ahead of the competition. Data entry work is the bread and butter of outsourced data entry professionals. So, businesses can rest easy knowing that their work is being managed in the capable hands of data entry professionals who have the experience and expertise to provide high-quality work.


3. Shorter turnaround time (TAT)

Many businesses require large amounts of data entry work to be handled quickly. Companies that provide outsourced data entry solutions are used to handling large data requirements swiftly and efficiently. Even if a large business has a full-time data entry team, they can outsource some of their data entry work and get the benefit of efficient and faster handling of their work. 


4. Up-to-date data entry software and tools

Outsourced data entry companies make use of the latest and most up-to-date data entry-related software and tools to get the work done as quickly and accurately as possible. The competition posed by other companies means that these companies are always on their toes to prove their mettle. This is a win-win situation for businesses that wish to outsource their work to these companies.


5. Ease of scale

Scalability is a crucial factor for businesses and this is where outsourcing wins. Businesses can expand their workload and the services they offer to their clients by outsourcing the additional work to high-quality companies. So, businesses can scale up their services without having to incur major additional expenses that are often prohibitive. Similarly, if required, businesses can scale down their data entry work without any hassle.


6. Flexibility and customisability

Outsourcing to companies that provide data entry solutions ensures that businesses are not bogged down by decisions regarding hiring more people when there is a heavy workload. Neither are they faced with the dilemma of what to do with the extra staff when the workload is light. The outsourced data entry companies will ensure they have just the right number of staff assigned to their client’s projects, whether large or small. Moreover, they offer bespoke data entry solutions that match the requirements of their clients; there is no one size fits all solution. 


7. Data security

Outsourcing companies use highly-secured servers and cutting-edge technologies that ensure that their client’s data remains absolutely secure and confidential. Moreover, outsourcing sensitive data can help businesses avoid in-house data leaks. Further, outsourcing companies sign ironclad contracts and non-disclosure agreements with their clients to assure them of client confidentiality.


8. Reduced administrative burden

Outsourced data entry services allow companies to focus on their core operations while reducing their administrative burdens. Employees will not have to bother about tedious data entry work and instead can focus on more important tasks related to their jobs. The administrative burden associated with data entry work is reduced or eliminated across the board. Businesses do not have to worry about hiring, training, and retaining employees and all the administrative jobs associated with employees such as seeing to wages, benefits, and so on. 


9. Data entry virtual assistants

Instead of a full team, businesses or professionals can hire a data entry virtual assistant who will complete tasks for them such as preparing and compiling data for entry, checking data for mistakes and ensuring accuracy, managing files, maintaining records of tasks and activities, and presenting data in the required formats.


Summing up

The secret to optimising onshore or offshore data entry services is to ensure there are clear definitions and expectations set for the tasks and projects in advance. Businesses should choose the best outsourcing company like Virtual Staffing Agency to ensure they get the best bang for their buck.