Things to Remember While Hiring a Magento Developer

Things to Remember While Hiring a Magento Developer

Magento is an online platform that was recently acquired by Adobe for their commerce section. It has been used extensively to design eCommerce platforms. Magento is greatly preferred because it is open-source and free. There are many smash hit features offered by them pertaining to product management, customer service, payments, order management, category and inventory management, relevant marketing tools with search options, third party integrations and finally- reporting and analysis. You should consider hire dedicated magento developer  if you plan on designing the ultimate eCommerce shop front.  

Magento wins hands down if you look for easy third party integration of tools. These can be plugged in your store without much hassle. Your website will load much quicker too, because slow-loading pages can spell doom for you. There are multiple SEO friendly options available- sitemaps, keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, product title etc. which also lets you track how many visitors your site or product page has had. 

Since there is great scope for better scalability, expansion and integration of relevant security features, profitable eCommerce ventures can be set up. Setting up such a user-friendly feature-rich environment is possible if you hire a Magento developer. But how do you decide who to hire for this highly competitive position? You will need to understand what your requirements are in the first place. There are 3 important aspects that have been listed below-

Full-time or part-time– If you decide to hire full time, then search accordingly. If you choose to opt for a part-timer, then understand that you will need to look for a suitable replacement once their contract expires. 

Single developer or agency– Hiring a Magento development company is a good bet as they will offer a range of services to cover all your needs. A single developer cannot hope to juggle multiple responsibilities with ease. They will ensure greater brand visibility, which in turn will boost revenues in the long run. 

Backend or Frontend Development– Frontend for website design and backend for server management, database creation and whatever else is processed in the background by creating custom code. You decide based on what your immediate need is. 

Utilizing Magento is a no-brainer because it is mobile friendly, highly scalable, offers SEO options, and generally has greater ROI (Return on Investment) than other platforms. Since this positon is very demanding and requires a fair bit of technical expertise, hiring just anyone would not work. But deciding on the right person for Magento website development services depends on a few important factors-

How much technical expertise they have in this field– They need to be a pro at the Magento CMS (Content Management System) to manage all the content pages effectively. Also, since your project may have specific requirements, looking to employ someone with previous expertise in the same area can help. 

Critical thinking is important– Issues are going to occur, every step of the way. How they are taken care of and how much troubleshooting is required is very important. 

Programming languages known– This may seem a little too obvious, but if you need to hire a Magento developer, they need to be able to code in all fundamental languages. A good start is if they know languages that are commonly used to set websites up- HTML, C+, C++, Java, Python.Net, Ruby or others along with PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor) which is a necessity in the Magento ecosystem. 

Ask them for a portfolio– A detailed portfolio lets you understand what kind of projects they have handled in the past, and if they had issues- how they tackled them. This will also allow you to take a look at the various skill sets they have acquired along the way. Also, check if the skills they have are transferable to your present project.  

Ratings– Yes, ratings matter a lot. Do a thorough background check of their social media profiles to be safe. LinkedIn is a great place to start at.

Once you have looked at their professional front, it makes sense to see how well they can fit into your team, by looking at their behavioral traits-

Work ethic– A qualification certificate is fairly easy to find. But you can try to understand their style of working, their standard and how they deal with issues with respect to their work ethic. 

They need to be professional– Again, regardless of qualification, professionalism is something that cannot be bought at random. A professional and elegant approach can be seen and felt by the customer base- in the way your website is designed or planned. 

They should get creative– There are so many eCommerce sites today. How can you make yours stand out? This is where you need to hire a Magento developer with ingenuity.

Expertise in an area– This is extremely important if your products cater to a niche market. You will need to design your shopfront accordingly and customize them with appropriate Magento themes.  

Where you hire them from is also important- LinkedIn, Facebook or even Twitter. As mentioned above, all of these criteria may not be fulfilled by one individual and hence you can consider hiring a Magento development agency. This way you can efficiently manage all orders, sources and customers in one single place online. You can easily get your shopfront customized, based on your particular needs. There is nothing wrong with being choosy here. They can also set up multi-lingual access. Setting your shop up online is not enough, you will require relevant payment gateways. These can be configured with ease. 

You can also perform detailed audits of your storefronts to understand where you may need to optimize as needed. A competent Magento development agency has end-to-end experience and can solve a variety of issues you may face, and not just in a particular instance. Now that you have all these tips in mind, look for all-rounders. Happy hiring!