Hire a PPC Expert: Top Optimization Techniques for 2020

Hire a PPC Expert: Top Optimization Techniques for 2020

To optimize PPC campaigns can be tricky because a lot of it revolves around data. Quite often you may wonder which data to look at in order to make an informed decision. To start with, have a well-defined goal for your campaign. However, having a goal is just the first
step. Along your journey there may be several aspects of your campaign that need to be changed or tweaked dependent on market situations and how users act or react. Read on to find out a few PPC optimization techniques that you can adopt.

Analyse performance

When you’re managing different campaigns and channels, it’s vital to evaluate which ones are doing well for your main key performance indicator. There may be channels that are not working as well, but they lend a helping hand. Once you analyse the data, you will be able to
determine where to allot your budget based on your findings.

Impression share

When you hire a PPC expert, they will help you analyse your search impression share especially in places where your main keywords lie. There may be specific terms that have been lucrative for you, thus reviewing your share will help determine whether you need to
allocate more funds from your budget towards this.

Bid adjustments- Time

One of the important PPC optimization techniques relates to bid adjustments which are usually done manually for keywords. However, you can tweak this by different time intervals or even on specific weekdays. Your decision should be based on performance. For example,
you can adjust bids at a specific time every day such as from 11 am to 12 noon or even exclude certain times. Your data will reveal performance which will help in decision making.

Bid adjustments- location

When you optimise PPC campaigns, it is also important to evaluate performance between locations. Different locations may throw up different results. When you review and make adjustments, your campaigns will become more effective. If your campaign is spread across
the country, then try and identify locations that are not performing well so you can cut down on them entirely.

What users want

While you may have fixed set of keywords that you are targeting, it pays to keep an eye on what users are searching for. This will enable you to weed out irrelevant queries or certain segments of queries to make your campaign more efficient.

The right choice

As you might already know Google Search Partners does not allow you to make bid adjustments. Sometimes, this may work to your benefit, while other times it may not. You need to carefully look at each campaign to see best performance and then take a call.

Recheck keywords

When you hire a PPC expert, they will periodically review your keywords and match it against landing page performance, bid adjustments, search queries etc. If they find that certain keywords still do not perform or are not meeting the goal of the campaign, then it’s
time to replace or edit them.

Landing Page and Ad copy effectiveness

When you optimize PPC campaigns, it is easy to ignore landing pages as they can be difficult to edit, tweak and test! However, these pages are critical when it comes to converting a user to a buyer. Ad copy is also equally important and should be analysed carefully to see what
works and what does not.

Device performance

PPC optimization techniques could also include review of how your campaign performs on different devices such as a tablet, computer and mobile. Care must be taken to ensure that websites are mobile friendly as many users rely entirely on their mobiles to search for
products or services. Check whether adjustments need to be made to enhance the performance of the campaign.

These are just some of the tips to help with PPC optimization. However, if they seem complicated, then your safest bet would be to hire a PPC expert to handle your campaigns. They will keep a watchful eye on your users and fine-tune your strategy to yield the best results. A professional and reputed firm will have all the expertise and technical ability to create, manage and review your campaign so your products and services get the attention they deserve.