Magento Breadcrumbs: Types & Significance for E-commerce Stores

Magento Breadcrumbs: Types & Significance for E-commerce Stores

You may be familiar with the old fairy tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’. In the story, the children found their way back home, using breadcrumbs that they left on the trail. This is the inspiration behind the term ‘breadcrumbs’ in Magento breadcrumbs. This useful tool helps users to navigate their path through an e-commerce store, which can be sometimes confusing especially when there are hundreds of listed products. This tool is important for the SEO optimization of your e-commerce store and are vital for an enhanced user experience. 

What You Need to Know About Magento Breadcrumbs

To put it simply, Magento breadcrumbs is a navigation tool that helps to pinpoint the path to products in your online store. When buyers know the subcategory or category of the product, it is easier for them to recognize which page they are on. While not compulsory to use breadcrumbs, it enhances the UX.

However, you may be wondering why you need to use breadcrumbs when you can just hit the back button on a website. Hiring Magento development services can help improve the navigability of the website, making it more convenient and faster to get to where you want to go. As a user, you will be able to clearly see the path leading to the product you’re interested to purchase. 

Types of Magento Breadcrumbs

I> Location or hierarchy-based breadcrumbs: These are the most popular and widely used type of breadcrumbs as it helps users identify where they are currently placed in the structure of the website or e-commerce store. It helps them to easily move up to higher-level pages or categories. For instance, if a user visits a product page for a particular camera lens, hierarchy-based breadcrumbs will help the user navigate from that product page to higher category levels such as to a page displaying all DSLR camera lenses or one displaying digital camera accessories. 

II>History or path-based breadcrumbs: Unlike location-based breadcrumbs, these breadcrumbs work like the back button of a browser. It helps users navigate back to a previous page on a website with ease rather than using multiple filters on a category page. In most cases, this kind of breadcrumbs is used in a ‘Back to Results’ link. 

III> Attribute-based breadcrumbs: Attribute-based breadcrumbs come in handy especially when there are a large number of products with various attributes. These breadcrumbs differ from the hierarchy-based ones, as they display the selected filters, rather than just the path. Not only can users see the attributes they have picked but they will also be able to change them from the breadcrumbs.

Benefits of Magento Breadcrumbs for E-commerce Stores

Benefits of Magento breadcrumbs for visitors:

I> Location-based breadcrumbs help visitors navigate the web-store easily, thereby, increasing sales and decreasing the bounce rate.

II> Attribute-based breadcrumbs allow visitors to select or deselect filters when looking for products.

III> They make it easier and more convenient for visitors to find what they are looking for, thus, improving user experience when navigating a large e-commerce store with multiple categories.

IV> They help visitors to understand the layout/structure of the e-commerce store, allowing them to access relevant content by using Magento breadcrumbs.

Benefits of Magento Breadcrumbs for SEO:

I> Websites can achieve better SERP rankings, as location-based breadcrumbs help search engine crawlers to relate better with the website.

II> SEO efforts can be enhanced as specific keywords can be incorporated in your breadcrumbs.

III> Breadcrumbs also enhances how pages are linked within the website.

IV> When using breadcrumbs, visitors will find search results more attractive as it will highlight useful snippets of information related to the products.

Should You Hire a Magento Developer?

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. It is a complex tool requiring in-depth knowledge. However, when you hire a Magento developer, they will tackle all the technology-related issues of your business allowing you to focus on the important tasks of running an e-commerce store. Professional Magento development services can significantly improve both SEO and UX, making the products or services on your ecommerce website more attractive and accessible for potential buyers.

Contact a reputed firm that offers professional development services in this niche for more details.

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