Exploring the Value of Virtual Staffing for Your Call Center Services

Exploring the Value of Virtual Staffing for Your Call Center Services

Are you looking to increase your reach towards potential customers? Or maybe you want to offer better services to your existing customers. Either way, a virtual call center is the solution to your needs. It allows you the opportunity to manage your business without high risk investment and in a truly affordable manner. Regardless of whether you are starting an inbound or outbound center, you can develop business relationships with other companies. You can perform the exact duties as a regular call center with the difference being that you would use phone numbers that are virtual. 

What is a Virtual Call Center?

As the name suggests, it is a center where the employees of the organization are not physically working in the office building but instead are situated in and working from various locations across the globe. Many of these employees work from the comfort of their homes. The benefits for an organization having this kind of an outfit are plenty such as cost saving on office equipment, infrastructure, and other overhead costs as well as lower employee turnover. On the other hand, the benefits for the agent is the flexibility of working hours as well as the advantage of working from home. By outsourcing virtual call center services, you can profit from the above advantages.

What types of software and technology are used for this setup?

The software used here is largely cloud based. Most providers of virtual call center solutions use a certain type of technology named Virtual Automatic Call Distribution (VACD). This technology removes any disadvantage of the employees working from different locations and from their homes. The VACD creates a connection between the client and the agents. It distributes the incoming calls to the best available agent. Through this technology, you can expect a significant rise in customer satisfaction as calls are routed to the best agents. VACD eliminates the need to buy and install other special equipment too. Therefore, for the organization it is cost effective. 

Why should you choose to go with a virtual center?

Here, you can start doing business right away. At your end, you only need to make sure that you have a good and steady internet connection and install the required software. The service provider will take care of infrastructure and computer hardware. Opting for this over a traditional center enables you to provide your clients and customers with high quality virtual call center services, virtual call center solutions and great customer support. The providers of these outsourced services follow strict screening and training processes to keep quality high. All this while keeping costs lower than usual is what you can get for opting for this structure for your organization.

What are the advantages?

The virtual call center can transform your business in many ways. Below is a list of the advantages that you can expect to benefit from as compared to a traditional center: 

Scalability: It can be developed and expanded easily with just the installation of relevant software. Anyone anywhere is the world with a computer and a good internet connection can link to your network system. This helps to grow your center.

Employee Turnover: Lower of reduced employee turnover is a huge advantage

Inquiry to Order conversion ratio: This is usually much higher than in a regular call center. 

Escalations: The number of escalated case are significantly lower.

Hires: You just need to hire the minimum number of people required for the work. Hence, you can keep the number of agents low and have all personnel utilized at capacity.

Lower Costs: Cost saving on hardware, infrastructure, expensive equipment, office maintenance and other overhead expenses

Seasonal customers: It is highly useful for business that is seasonal, intermittent or periodic

Quality: Excellent call center solutions and services can be offered to the customer which is cost-effective for the organization. When quality is high, customer satisfaction will be high. 

Increased profits: With lower operating costs, profit margins for the organization are higher and that is a huge plus for the organization. Ultimately, profit is what every organization strives for!

As you can see outlined above, there are many pros in choosing to provide virtual call center services as against traditional call center services. So, go ahead and get a head start today in providing cost-effective, high-quality services to your customers.