Skills to Look While Hiring a Virtual WordPress Developer

Skills to Look While Hiring a Virtual WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website development. From individuals with personal blogs to SMEs, everyone is looking for awesome WordPress developers to create powerful websites.
Hiring a virtual developer is a cost-saving and convenient solution. However, there is a large talent pool of virtual WordPress developers to choose from and it’s important to give weightage to experience, qualifications and skills for the WordPress developer before hiring. Look out for these skills to make the right decision.

Understanding of Your Niche and Latest Developments

WordPress is a globally recognized website development platform and there are many skilled WordPress developers around the world. However, while hiring a virtual WordPress developer, make sure the individual has skills in providing solutions for the niche you belong to. The developer should be able to create a unique website design that best represents your niche. It should be remembered that people today are using multiple devices to access the internet. Hence, the developer should have the coding skills to create responsive websites – that is websites that perform well across various devices such as mobiles, tablets and PCs.

Ability to Deliver Fast-Loading Websites

We live in a world where internet users want information instantly. If a website takes more than a few seconds to load, audience will simply leave. The speed of a website depends on the quality of coding it runs on. When you hire a virtual WordPress developer, make sure the individual has high coding skills to create fast-loading websites. Ideally, it should not take more than 2 seconds for a website to load.

Excellent Grasp of SEO

Every website wants to make it to first page search engine results because let’s face it – very few click through to the second page. SEO is a crucial aspect that impacts a website’s ranking on search engines. Mastery of established SEO practices and current SEO trends should be among the skills for a WordPress developer you are considering.

Ability to Incorporate Social Sharing On Website

Integrating your social media accounts to your website is a crucial requirement to increase online outreach. Having presence on social media is a great way to connect with audiences and integrating social media accounts with your website will make it easier for audiences to access you on various social media platforms as well as share your site with peers. Integration will also help with SEO and obtaining higher search engine rankings, so hire a dedicated WordPress developer who has the skills to integrate all you social media accounts to your site.

Ability to Deliver Dedicated Services

The WordPress developer you are considering should be available to you whenever necessary. If you are considering partnering a virtual staffing agency, make sure the agency is able to provide a team of dedicated WordPress developers who will work exclusively on your account. When you hire dedicated WordPress developers, you are more likely to get efficient responses to your requirements and high quality solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Multi-Channel Effective Communication

Effective communication is a key requisite for obtaining quality website development solutions. Effective communication is all the more important when the virtual WordPress developer is working in a different time zone. This problem is partly solved when you hire a dedicated WordPress developer. The best agencies provide several other solutions such as pricing transparency, excellent customer relationship solutions and multiple methods of communication such as live chat, e-mail and phone calls to maximize customer satisfaction.

Ability to Provide Ongoing Solutions

You will need a virtual WordPress developer even after your website goes live. You will need regular updates of your site, ongoing website maintenance solutions, ongoing website security solutions and ongoing content management solutions to optimize your website for current and future times. Make sure the agency providing the services of a virtual WordPress developer or the individual is able to provide support services and solutions after your website goes live.

Want to make sure you are hiring the best virtual WordPress developer? Request a consultation with the developer or the agency you are considering!